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Prepare your practice to support survivors

See it in Practice

Improve health outcomes and other results in your practice by making trauma-informed changes to procedure, environment and clinic policies. Trauma-informed workplaces recognize the needs of both clients and employees.


Enhancing your Environment

Simple steps to support survivors in your health setting!

  1. Ensure there is a private space to talk with patients about their relationships
  2. Display posters and patient education tools to indicate that your health center is a safe place to discuss relationships
  3. Develop a list of local resources for survivors and their families
  4. Identify a space and a phone where survivors can call and connect to domestic and sexual violence agencies

Workplace / Staff Self Care

We know that health center employees are also affected by IPV - through personal experiences and by talking to patients. A key element of preparing your practice is developing a workplace policy to ensure that staff are supported.


Policy and Protocol

Simple steps may be taken to change your policies and procedures to be more trauma-informed. Understanding reporting laws and privacy principles are an important part of that. Use quality assessment tools on a regular basis to document your progress and plan.

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