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Cultivating partnerships between healthcare providers and domestic violence advocates to promote survivor’s health and safety.


IPV and Health

Intimate partner violence (IPV) is a public health problem of epidemic proportions, impacting 1 in 4 U.S. women and 1 in 7 men. IPV contributes to injuries, chronic health issues, and high risk health behaviors.

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Building Partnerships

Health centers and domestic and sexual violence advocacy organizations can partner to support survivor health and prevent violence. Through cross-trainings and warm referrals, providers and advocates are able to provide comprehensive coordinated care for survivors and their families.

Health Professionals

Health providers have an unprecedented opportunity to provide universal education on healthy relationships, assess patients for IPV, and intervene if abuse is identified. This can improve health and decrease risk for violence.

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Domestic and Sexual Violence (DV/SV) Advocates

Advocates are in a unique position to intervene and reduce health consequences related to IPV, as entering domestic violence programs may be the first time survivors have had space to address health and wellness.

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Our Intervention

Evidence-based interventions are available. We advocate that health care providers educate all their patients on the health impact of violence, offer tailored health promotion strategies and resources, and provide warm referrals if the patient discloses abuse.

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Community Health Centers

Check out our toolkit for community health centers to learn more about how some health centers have transformed their response to IPV by partnering with local domestic violence agencies.

IPV Health Partners

Partnering with our local DV program

Partnering with our local DV program has really allowed our providers to have a greater understanding of IPV, has increased awareness of each other's services, and changed the way we provide health care overall.

Kat Cadle, PhysD, Psychologist, FamilyCare Health Center, WV

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